Easy Resolutions for Instant Zen: Get Read of Technology-Induced Stress in One Easy Step

It's January 2nd, so you might think it's too late to talk about resolutions. Well, first of all, it's never too late for anything! In life! Just do it! You're capable! (etc etc etc) Second, better late than never, because otherwise a lot of things would never happen.

So anyways, if you want to have a less technologically stressful 2017, here are my best Instant Zen, Get Rid of Technology-Induced Stress In One Easy Step Resolutions for Feeling Successful and Accomplishing Things:

Unsubscribe from email lists you don't actually want to be on. Instead of just mindlessly deleting them every time they roll in, take 5 extra seconds and unsubscribe. Suddenly the daily flood of spammy emails reduces to a trickle and life feels just that much easier.

Take control of your newsfeed! Unfollow people who are a part of your life but post too much crap. What kind of crap? You decide! Do they only post political junk? Is it all bikini selfies all the time? Are they always spewing anger and negativity? Or maybe their relentless positivity is just too much for you to handle right now. It's okay. Unfollowing is the easiest and best way to avoid that without the social awkwardness of unfriending, while making your newsfeed into things you actually care about seeing.

(But, you know, go ahead and unfriend people if you want. Power to you!)

(Also, take note here whether you are just turning off people who have different opinions than yours - I mean, new year new newsfeed and do whatever you want, but it's good for you to see that the entire world doesn't agree with you sometimes.)

Turn off all notifications on your phone except for the most urgent (like, maybe you want your phone to actually ring when you get a phone call... Maybe. It's up to you.) Everything else you can see when you obsessively check in on your apps, which, let's be honest, you were doing even with notifications turned on, anyways. Every moment your phone doesn't chirp at you is a moment you get to enjoy life a little bit more.

The feeling of turning these things off is like a dream. It's like when you start watching a movie that you think is going to be "so bad it's good" and it turns out to just be horribly bad* and you suddenly realize that no one is making you watch this and you can stop and watch something that's actually good and life suddenly feels a million times better. The power! The power of turning things off! YOU HAVE THAT POWER. Feel the power and the zen flow through your body as you disconnect yourself from the emails and notifications that cloud your life! FEEL IT!

*Zathura. I had such high hopes for you. You are basically Jumanji in space and what could be better than that? Turns out, everything. Everything is better. Goodbye, Zathura.

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