Learning! Roundup: Peanuts can prevent peanut allergies, understanding Israel-Palestine conflict, a tumour with a brain, and more!

You can inoculate your child against peanut butter allergies by FEEDING THEM PEANUT BUTTER as a baby! Do it now! I know I will. Also, let's learn about other things like tumours with brains.
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Peanuts Against Peanut Allergies

I LOVE peanut butter. I love it so much. I have eaten it almost every day: on toast, with honey, from a spoon, whatever. Thick, thick layers of peanut butter. It is my heaven (along with cheese and popcorn).

Because of this, a part of my brain is very afraid that I am going to have a baby one day who is allergic to peanuts. I just don't know what I'd do. I mean, I guess I would love my baby enough to not have peanut butter in the house, but what if it was really severe? What if its body could tell that I ate peanut butter for lunch at work and would punish me for being happy by swelling up and dying? That puts me in a very difficult position.

So I am very relieved to learn that giving babies peanut products can actually help them avoid peanut allergies.

Understanding the Israel-Palestine Conflict

If you're anything like me, you know a little about the Israel-Palestine conflict, but know that there is WAY MORE TO THE STORY than you can possibly understand. Here is a really handy, short, likely simplified but still useful to start, history of this conflict.

The Speed of Sight

Scientists have begun to understand the speed of vision, using an optical illusion that appears to rotate when it doesn't.

A Tumour With a Brain

File this under OMG: doctors removed a tumour from a teenage girl's ovary and inside the tumour they found (get your spooky voice on) braaaaaaaains! Or, to be more specific, a mass that turned out to be a cerebellum. A CEREBELLUM! Ick! Wow! Gross! Amazing! Shudder!

Bodies are weird and gross and pretty incredible.

How to Throw Shade Without Being Terrible

You know how people get upset that they "can't say anything" now that the "politically correct fascists" would like to stop stigmatizing everyone? Well, here's a handy guide for how to throw shade while remaining intersectional. No, you don't get to call people idiots anymore, and yes, you have to have a real reason to throw shade and work a teensy bit harder at it.

Isn't it worth it, though? Calling a name or insulting someone's appearance is just weak, and the whole point of throwing shade is to show how great you are, isn't it?

To Succeed, Imagine You Failed

Here's a new way to try to succeed at your goals: imagine you've failed, and the reason why. Then you can prepare for that circumstance and avoid said failure!

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