Learning! Roundup: #KnowYourLemons, how to survive a plane crash, the history of goth, and more!

Learning! Roundup: what breast cancer really looks like, how to survive a plane crash, personality changes, the history of goth, healing wounds with fat, and more
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Know Your Lemons

An image has been traveling through my social media lately and it deserves a LOT of attention. It's an egg carton full of lemons that can help you understand what breast cancer looks and feels like. Check out #KnowYourLemons to learn more.

How to Survive a Plane Crash

You know that thing we all try to put out of our minds when we board a plane? The possibility that it will crash into the ground and we'll all die and it will literally just happen because the co-pilot didn't feel comfortable telling the pilot they missed an item on the checklist?

Well, flight attendants are once again to the rescue with some tips on how to survive a plane crash. The Cole's Notes? Brace position, protect yourself from falling luggage, and then once the plane is down, leave your stuff behind (seriously) and don't wait for someone to tell you it's okay to move.

Personality Changes

One of the things I learned in psychology class was that personality is a fixed thing: we are who we are and that doesn't change. That's why there is a distinction between personality disorders (won't change but can be managed) and emotional disorders (can change). New research, however, says NOPE! Not true! Apparently counselling and some medications can actually change a person's personality, for the better.

Snake on a Plane???!??!

In far less-pleasant airplane news (well, perhaps more pleasant than your airplane crashing, but less pleasant than surviving?): I really need some other people to know and be horrified by this: a flight from Oman to Dubai had to be cancelled because staff found a SNAKE ON THE PLANE. Snakes on a Plane is one of my favourite movies (for obvious reasons), but IRL? NO, THANK YOU. No snakes on planes for me. Ugh. Shudder. No. Please. Ew.

No More Sexy Scars

Doctors have figured out how to use fat cells to help wounds heal without forming scar tissue. Neat!

How to Beat Chub Rub

Chub rub: it's an issue many women face where their thighs rub together and get all hot and chafe and it's horrible. Finally, someone has tested the solutions!

Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves

One lady shark has done what has been joked about for years: learned how to reproduce on her own, after years without the presence of a man. This is the third known instance of a vertebrate female that had experienced life with a male partner who later went on to reproduce asexually.

A Brief History of Goth

I love learning about counterculture movements and how they emerged, grew, and transformed until becoming a sad commercialized version of itself, finally, becoming so ubiquitous it is invisibly everywhere.

Thanks to Pitchfork Magazine for putting this one together.

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