Inspiration! Roundup: Freezing bubbles, gross dog art, and being better

This Week's "I want to go to there":
I kind want to visit outer space! Who's in? We can go in on gas.
Freezing Bubbles

This is just stunning.,

Frozen soap bubbles from ZALUSKArt on Vimeo.

Gross Dog Art

I am loving this beautiful, fun, and weird art by Holly Lucero. Check out her Gross Dog Art Tumblr for more.

Gross Dog Art by Holly Lucero

Moon Cycles

There is something sort of hypnotic and captivating about this chart of the moon cycles in 2017. Sort of like looking at the moon, I guess? Download it for free at 72 Hours American Power.

Being Better

If you're still wondering how you can be a better person, here are some ideas. It's a lot to do all at once (I have a hard time remembering all 10 Commandments, let alone all this!), but pick one that sticks out to you and try that. See how it goes.

Alternatively, if you need a lower-pressure way to feel like a better person this year, remember: you are taller than a flea! That is something! Take joy in the little details.

You are amazing! You are taller than a flea!
Posted on Reddit by DashingLassie

Magnetic Lamp

Love the simple and seemingly-magical design of the Heng Balance Lamp.

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