Inspiration! Roundup: Creative until you die, boys in make up, Bowie's books, and more!

Inspiration! Roundup: Creative until you die, male make up models for Covergirl AND Maybelline, ancient prayer beads, Bowie's favourite books, and some stunning art
This Week's "I want to go to there":
Sitting at the end of a dock on a warm summer night.

Creative Until You Die

Forget those '20 Under 20' lists, how about nine incredible performers who are over 90 and just won't stop working? These folk are a real inspiration.

Maybe He's Born With It

The world is changing! Last fall, Covergirl made history by signing a male model, and now Maybelline has followed suit. I don't care if this is marketing, it is two incredibly mainstream companies presenting boys in make up. Do you know how normalizing that is? How powerful it will be for throwing out stupid gender roles? I don't either, but I think it will make a big difference.

16th Century Prayer Beads

Check out these incredible, intricately carved prayer beads. They are actual entire worlds inside the palm of your hand. The craftsmanship is just mind-boggling! Check out more photos on the AGO Website.

Hidden Sources of Light

I am absolutely taken by this art series by Andrew "Mackie" McIntosh, placing majestic sunsets inside of everyday, abandoned objects (like trailers).

Gorgeous artwork putting sunsets inside unusual, abandoned objects.
"Merlin" by Mackie.

These Windows are Eyes

Have you ever looked at a building and felt like its windows were eyes? So has graffiti artist Achilles.

Bowie's Books

Need some reading recommendations? Why not start chipping your way through David Bowie's 75 favourite books? You'll get reading material for years to come AND some insight into one creative genius.

As an aside, someone needs to open a bookstore and call it Bowie's Books.

If Harry Potter Was a Black Rapper


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