A case of the Mondays

kyoto or bust!

the "oil method" sounds gross, is great

Just look at it

to name brand or not to name brand?

Happiness: it's science!

Some artists are smarter than me

Smart guy, smart quote

Give me all your money

Strong Female Characters

I love my cat.

Halloween, sexy?

A problem for the environment is a problem for my heart


This is how I know I am a different person now than I used to be

Ada Lovelace - do you love yourself a little lovelace?

and the award for creepiest vegetable of all time goes to...

lessons learned from the crucible

another problem with cat poo

Sure, it's cute now...

it's getting cold in here

how to tell the difference between a stalker and a romantic

Happy .... blasphemy? day?

happy birthday to ME!

An Ode to a Transit Pro

Oh no! I ordered a cappuccino and they gave me a latte!

Planking. Really?

Find a new target market

So you're going to Portland?

Dreamin' is Free


Dream Time 2.0

Toilet Paper

Text Dating

Things Ladies Are Supposed to Care About

Observations from the Online-Date-O-Sphere II

Observations from the Online-Date-O-Sphere

On This Day in Canadian History...

Dentists Lie

Awesome Infographic

So now they just get to burn us whenever they want?

Super Sadness

The Great Legacy of Stanford

How to Improve Your Life


The top places to find germs in your home

Things I learned from OkCupid's matchmaking questionnaire

Spam-bots get fresh

If Life Were a Movie

Fun Fact

I love the internet when...

I am suddenly struck with curiosity

Life in the 'burbs

Deep Thought of the Day

it's just the way god made me

After this message from our sponsors...

rock those socks

stop with the videos, please

Relationship Cost/Benefits