This is my little refuge today: Pottermore has a Patronus test (and it's WONDERFUL!) and I took it and felt an instant kinship with my Patronus, the Nebelung Cat:

Excuse me while I spend the rest of my life frolicking in the woods with my magical cat patrons.

Facts about the Nebelung Cat:

It is known as the "creature of the mist".

It likes jumping up to high spots to study the people moving around below.

It is incredibly loyal to its beloveds.

IT WILL RIDE ON THE SHOULDERS OF ITS HUMAN FRIENDS!!! (All I've ever wanted in the whole wide world is a cat to sit on my shoulder.)

It is known for being affectionate, playful, and smart.

It is known for shedding a lot.

It is my Patronus and it is the perfect representation of my heart. (She says, with total humility.)

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SMLois said…
Mine is a red squirrel. I feel zero connection to it.

Distinguished from other tree squirrels by its smaller size.

The red squirrel moults its coat twice a year but the ear tufts and the tail are only moulted annually.

None of these facts are interesting.
Andrea said…
Hmmmm... selective moulting is... kind of a neat skill? Like you can selectively transform?
I got a Nebelung cat and felt kinship to it as well. I've grown up with cats all my life, but to have a cat patronus wasnt something I expected, not that's it's a bad thing of course.
Ishrar Hasan said…
I am not much a cat person, therefore, I am not too pleased with this patronus of mine. Sigh!