Learning! Roundup: Conservatives are taller, calcium will make you crazy, and Instagram knows you're depressed

There was a lot to learn this week: An algorithm can tell if you're depressed from your Instagram photos, calcium will give you dementia (if you have a stroke) and conservatives are taller than liberals.
This tall woman is statistically more likely to be
politically conservative!

Tall conservatives

Turns out I'm a tall-person anomaly! A new study shows that the taller a person is, the more likely they are to be conservative.

You can't even trust calcium

All my life I've been told that the ONE supplement I should be taking, no matter what, is calcium. "Women don't get enough calcium," they said. "You can't get too much calcium," they promised. "You'll get osteoporosis if you don't because your body's natural cycle of menopause kills your bones," they warned. Well now it looks like taking calcium supplements during menopause may increase the risk of dementia in those who have had strokes. Eff.

There is no normal

Teenage Andrea is very vindicated right now. I used to dress intentionally freakishly and when people would talk about "normalcy" I would tout back at them, "I don't believe in normal." Psychologist Todd Rose took my teenage "rebellion" and turned it into a book about how no one person is average (this is true).

You can't hide your depression from Instagram

A new machine can analyze your Instagram photos and tell if you are depressed. "Depressed individuals tend to post images that are bluer, grayer, and darker, and receive fewer likes, than those posted by heathy individuals."

Interestingly, the machine algorithms found that human ratings of the happiness or sadness of a photo had little relationship to the person's depression.

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