Learning! Roundup: Addiction, cat talk, Bill Nye, and more!

Learning! Roundup: addiction, cat talk, Bill Nye, and more race education

Your Cat IS Talking To You

EEP! I love this! Cats are actually talking to us when they meow at us! Well, sort of. Turns out that they don't vocalize much when they communicate with each other, using subtle body language instead. Unfortunately, just like our complete ineptitude with hunting, our cats can also tell that we fail miserably at picking up on their body language. They also notice that we talk to each other. So what to d they do? They chatter at us!

This is What Addiction Feels Like

A short and beautiful video about the impact of addiction on a person.

Learning with Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey

If you have any questions about race-related issues, chances are that Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey has made a video about it. She goes into the actual history of things like the concept of "caucasian", terms like "white cracker", the concept of "sounding white", and more. She is smart AND accessible in how she explains the background and current impact of all these things. It's pretty awesome.

Touchscreen Aren't All Bad for Babies

Okay, maybe they're not great for babies, but new research shows that toddlers who use touchscreens have improved fine motor skills. Parents! Now you can feel a tiny bit less guilty for letting your little one play on your iPad!

Bill Nye is BACK!

GUYS! Bill Nye is doing a new science show! I am so freaking EXCITED! He's doing a series with Netflix (who the freak else) to further his goal of "changing the world by getting everyone excited about science."

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