Inspiration! Roundup: another message for Trump, what are you doing and why, actual ladies, bookish dreams, and more

This week's "I Want to Go to There": all the books.

Another Message for Trump

I realize it's a bit futile to post videos trying to send anti-hate messages to Trump and his supporters. I also wonder if we fan the flame every time we say his name (although ignoring him didn't work, either). Regardless, I find Dr. Suzanne Barakat's words beautiful and inspiring.

What are you doing?

My friend Becky posted this on her Facebook page over the weekend:

"What are you doing?
What are you going to do now?
Repeat ad nauseam."

I'm pretty sure she was quoting her toddler-child who is constantly asking her what she's doing and why and it's crrrrrazy, but I actually thought it was a super valuable question for me to ask myself. Ad nauseam.

She's an actual lady

Guys! This H&M ad makes me so happy! It turns that stupid "She's a Lady" song on its head AND features an actual variety of women in a positive light. Honestly, I'm tearing up a bit. But that's because I'm the biggest sap.

Keep learning

"What are you going to learn next?"
-Seth Godin

This was from a broader Seth Godin post about skills versus talent (the take home message being one of my favourite points: that most things can be learned, and while talent might make it easier to learn, it doesn't mean you can't learn it), but the quote is awesome out of context, too.

Let's make a pact, right here, right now, to always ask ourselves what we'd like to learn next.

Bookish Dreams

Love this art:

The Receptionist Delivers!
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