Camping is Fun! And Other Observations

Camping is fun!

Camping is like normal living, but in a very small fabric house with half your stuff in the car. Also, it's the olden days when bathrooms were a short (or medium) walk away.

When you camp near bears you have to keep EVERYTHING in the car except your clothes. And maybe even your clothes, if you are not very good at keeping food off your clothes, like me.

There is a prime configuration of tents and tarps when it comes to rainy camping, and it does not involve setting your tarp up any distance away from your tent. Perfect World Camping has a tarp right over the entrance to your tent so that you have a dry area to get in and out of the dang thing. Some of us (that would be me) chose poorly and got to put their (my) soaking wet raincoat on inside the tent every time they (I) needed to go to the bathroom (a lot). Learn from my mistakes.

There is something adventurous and childlike about crawling in and out of your home. It's fun and also kind of exhausting, because we are not children anymore. (Unless you are a child, reading this, in which case, please comment and tell me all the cool things right now, I am so behind.)

Camping fashion is the best fashion because it's pretty much all function.

Is there a way to sit comfortably around a fire in the pouring rain? I know that with persistence, you can make a fire in the rain, and I guess if you also set up your sitting tarp right next to the fire this could work. Try doing that.

Spending an entire day and night crammed in your stuffy tent where everything is wet because it's raining so much and even though the rain itself hasn't made it into the tent, it is very very humid.

Comfortably sleeping on the ground is a very individual thing and no one is allowed to judge anyone for the things they have to do in order to find said comfort. Also, rocks get bigger in the night. I am certain.

There is something kind of amazing about cooking outside. It's like a BBQ party but with different food.

When it doesn't rain and you wake up and open your tent to a glorious sunrise, it seems like life is the most beautiful thing ever.

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