Inspiration! Roundup: Andrea's Birthday Edition

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!! In honour of my birthday I'm going to just post a whole bunch of stuff I really love and find inspirational and won't care if I've already posted about it or if it's boring to you or anything. Basically this is going to be my feel-goodish time capsule and your window into my mostly-silly brain.

Homemade GIFS

I am super into making gifs at work and in life, lately. Example:

I could seriously watch the excitement on these guys' faces cycle around and around over and over. And the best part is that it was completely staged. They are just that good at looking excited.

Sarah Slean

Sarah Slean has been my musical soul mate since I was 16 and discovered her by reading a review for her album Night Bugs in The Vancouver Sun. The first song I fell in love with her to was Duncan:

Leslie Knope

Is there anything that ISN'T the best about Leslie Knope???? Okay, she can be annoying and overbearing and pushy sometimes. But it is because she is the best and so loving and strong and optimistic. She is SO OPTIMISTIC. She is the happiest feminist in the world. She is wonderful. I could fill this whole page with Leslie Knope. Instead I'll just post three gifs.




All the dancing! Don't stop dancing! Always be dancing! Seriously, guys, dancing solves almost every problem. Evidence:

But even if you are not angry dancing, you are still dancing, and that is a good thing. The best kind of dancing is when you just let your body meld with the music and don't even care what it looks like and let all your feelings go and it is like a DREAM! But AWAKE! All the best things in life start with dancing.

Also, watching people do a really really good job of doing professional dancing is incredible. Learning music video choreography is the best.

People Who Just Do Things Because They Want To Do Them

It's hard because there is only so much time in the day, and too many ideas for that time to manage, but I am forever inspired and awed by people who just go "I want to do that thing - okay, I'm going to do it now."

Then they do it.

90's Pop

If you've followed this blog (or me as a human) for any length of time, you know how much I love 90's music. NINETIES MUSIC! I am a classic adult who thinks all the best music happened when they were a teenager, hence my FIRM belief that the absolute best 90's music happened in the latter half of the decade, and blended over into the beginning of the 00's. I can't post all my favourites and it's sooooo hard to pick one but I'm going to try and post this Robyn gem that I feel actually represents my heart in a very real way. Robyn's my gal.

Please, if you ever want to make me happy by playing Robyn's Show Me Love, don't get confused and play the other Robyn's Show Me Love. It's from 1993 and it's not nearly as good. ALL NINETIES POP WAS NOT CREATED EQUAL, GUYS!

(Other songs I could have posted here with equal heart-clenching power: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? by Paula Cole, Drinking in LA by Bran Van 3000, Celebrity Skin by Hole, Baby Baby by Amy Grant, and a whole bunch of other stuff, just look it up, okay?)


I am a firm believer that karaoke performances are about passion, not skill. If you sing too well, then, I don't know, it's just not quite as fun. I mean, I guess you still love singing and being a good singer and stuff, but the best part is to just throw your all into a song. Your whole entire body. The best is if you leave the karaoke host a bit speechless because you and your bestie just performed Total Eclipse of the Heart with so much feeling.


I mean, obviously, right? I am tempted to just post pictures of all my besties here, but I think I should technically ask them permission and it's too much work. Instead, I'm going to post a picture of my brand-newest besties:

I can't wait until she can talk - then I think our relationship will really step up because we'll be able to have heart to hearts and talk about everything: our favourite ponies, our favourite foods, and how to deal with The Man getting us down. For now, though, I admire her incredible liveliness and tininess and funny old man facial expressions.

(Also, it's worth mentioning that family and boyfriends count in the Besties Club and I have the most wonderful family and boyfriend ever.)

Things to Consume: Tea, Popcorn, Cheese, Beer, and Books

I LOVE ALL THESE THINGS SO MUCH!!! Green tea, creamy earl grey, buttery and salty popcorn, all the cheeses (except cream cheese which doesn't even count and should be banished from the earth), Granville Island Winter Ale, Harry Potter, The Name of the Wind, whatever beer happens to be on special today, white cheddar popcorn, Jonathan Safron Foer, sleepy time tea, and all this imagining of books and teas and popcorns has created a mental nest for me to curl up in so I'm just going to do that now...

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