Inspiration! Roundup: Speedy people, women in the Whitehouse, subway doodles, and drug store vagina zones

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The Fastest People in the World

The Paralympics just finished, and I bet you didn't know that four paralympians ran the 1500m faster than any "able bodied" athlete. Guys! World records are being smashed by people that are largely assumed to be less capable! Maybe we need to adjust some of these expectations? Finally, right?

Women in the Whitehouse

Because even the best of us can fall to systemic biases, even America's coolest, most egalitarian president, the female staffers at the White House came up with a genius strategy for making sure they didn't get overshadowed: amplification. It's sort of like the human megaphone idea. Whenever one of them said a key idea in a meeting or otherwise, the others would repeat it and give credit to its original author. That way the common occurrence of men (consciously or not) taking/getting credit for a woman's idea was not possible. By Obama's second term, his top aids were evenly split by gender and department heads. High fives, ladies!

Subway Doodles

Artist Ben Rubin is making subway commutes a little more magical. He takes pictures of people in transit, and then adds cute and fantastical creatures into the images. Imagine, guys, what could be accompanying us as we journey through the world!

Drug Store Epiphanies

This may be the best text exchange between a mother and daughter I have seen yet. A daughter couldn't find the tampons in a drug store, and then proceeded to learn just how much the world is terrified of our lady flows. She even made a diagram for it, identifying the vagina zone of the drug store.

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