Inspiration! Roundup: DIY leg prostheses, Black Girls Who Blog, and Nicole Gustafsson's magic

This Week's "I Want To Go To There": Dancing!

Lego Prosthesis

This guy is waiting for his prosthetic leg and, in the meantime, made himself one out of Lego. I mean, come on! What could be better?

Mondays, amiright?

Seeing as today is Wednesday, perhaps I should be saying "Hump Days, amiright?" instead. Either way, this picture kind of sums up a lot of my feelings of late. I don't want to wallow in my "hide from the world" feelings too much, but don't you also get a sweet feeling of relief when you see an image that perfectly sums up your feelings? Now let's all go hide... Or, okay, no. Let's not hide. Let's face life and enjoy it because there is a lot of good out there.

Black Girls Who Blog

Thanks, Man Repeller, for introducing me to Black Girls Who Blog! This is a brand and Instagram force that came from then-blogger Morgan Pitts who tweeted that she wished she had a shirt with #blackgirlswhoblog on it. There are a ton of amazing blogs to follow on there, especially if you're into the fashion and beauty blogosphere.

Nicole Gustafsson and her Magical Worlds

I am crazy in love with Nicole Gustafsson's work.

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