This Week's Gratitude & Delight

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The last week I have been grateful for:
Hanging out on the beach with a friend for her birthday and still got home in time for my usual bedtime even though it was a beach allllllll the way on the other side of town.

The person who hit my balcony with their moving truck because they were super proactive to deal with it right away and so I didn't have to fight anyone to take responsibility.

My neighbourhood bike shop for quickly repairing my bike's snapped cable even though they were so busy.

The somewhat last-minute opportunity to go backpacking with a friend in the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK and sitting by a river, drinking rose, and even being able to make a little campfire.

Gertie coming in for cuddles every time I lie down.
Seeing my dad for Father's Day! He had a surgery recently and it was good to see that he's recovering.

THIS WEEK'S DELIGHT: Tried a new thing and the results were DREAMY!

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