Why Aren't You Listening to Amanda Sum RIGHT NOW???

You know when someone recommends the BEST BOOK EVER to you and you read it and it's incredible and then it turns out the book is in a series and the series isn't complete yet and now you just have to... wait... for the author to finish it?
Get ready for the musical version: AMANDA SUM.
Full disclosure, I know her and I like to think of her as a friend but really we're more like friendly acquaintances and people who worked together once and now are on social media together, but I have a big ol' giant crush on her and her work and you should too!

She's got three singles out, this is the first one, and the rest are also incredible. She just released Hot Headed Egos and ooooooof.

Listen! Watch! Fall in love! And then waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait with me as she slowly releases more singles! (I think an EP is coming!!!)

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