Here Are Some of My Collages

I've been making collages! Here are some of my faves:

Collage art. The main feature is a flying saucer with a beam of light pulling up into it a cupcake, globe, front of a pig, and a candy heart that says "be true" on it. There are a few more flying saucers around. The background is abstract, a mottled pink and yellow.

A piece of collage art. The background is a photo of a lake with glass-still water and some trees on the far side. In the foreground is a woman with a helmet over her head holding a doughnut in one hand and a black rabbit on her shoulder. In the background is an astronaut horizontal over the water, like they will smack into it with their whole front. There are three doughnuts above them, attached with strings like maybe they are balloons that will hold the astronaut up.

Collage art. The background is a flat shot of water, like a lake or ocean. The top of a giant salt shaker emerges into the image from the top left, and coloured lines come out of it as if it's salting the water with colour. There is a woman floating in the middle of the water. On the bottom right is a cat, just its eyes and ears poking out of the water.

Collage art. It's a still lake with some slight waves on the water and trees on the other side. In the centre of the lake stands an astronaut on the water, with some flowers behind its back. Emerging from the water is a green hand holding a crystal ball and next to that is a very small cactus. The text on the picture says "it is real"

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