I Don't Know if You've Heard of Her, But This Olivia Rodrigo is Actually Pretty Cool

I finally listened to Olivia Rodrigo's album and... is it a problem if a teenage girl's processing of her breakup actually corresponds directly to my nearly-middle-aged experience of heartbreak???

I mean, have you HEARD the song Happier???

It's the perfect encapsulation of the, "we're broken up and I'm pretty enlightened about it and I do want you to be happy but also I am just petty enough that I want to be doing better than you" mood that I know I carry and at least it's me and Olivia even if no one else will admit it.
Driver's License makes me cry.
Good 4 U has just enough of what I guess are now old school pop punk vibes that my still-beating teen-angst-heart wants to mosh and scream along.

Anyways, I guess I'm still seventeen and I'm so happy this exists.

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