Wild Idea: YOU Are the One Who Knows What Feels Good for You

It's another Instagram take down!!!!
A friend of mine shared this post from an account called natural.medicine.index recently, and I'm here to nitpick about it:
A cream coloured square with two lists presented in columns next to each other. The first is energy givers and includes sunlight, dance, whole foods, hydration, sleep, nature, music, movement, resting, fresh air, decluttering, future planning. The other says energy takers and says inconsistent sleep, focusing on the past, junk food, negativity, mess and clutter, overworking, no physical movement, screens, dehydration, stress, alcohol, fear, resentment

The truth is, I resonate with most of the items on these lists. HOWEVER. What gives energy and what takes it away FOR YOU is kind of YOUR CALL. It's not up to anyone else, certainly not some random company trying to increase its Instagram clout.

There's also something called context and balance.

For example, a consistent sleep pattern might generally be important to maintaining (or generating) energy, but following it so rigidly I don't do other things that bring me joy? Not so much. Overdoing alcohol will definitely sap energy, but sometimes having a drink sets me free. A good decluttering spree leaves me feeling energized, but constantly keeping on top of clutter feels like a drain.

Also, I hate the "whole food" / "junk food" judgment so much.

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