This Week's Gratitude & Delight

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The last week I have been grateful for:
My dad's surgeon for (it seems) doing a good job and that his surgery went really well and he is already feeling better!
Seeing my mom for breakfast and all the restaurants with easy outside patios that we can sit on.

My bank for cancelling a payment I made by accident to the WRONG CARD and would have been a whole big thing.

Having lunch with a really dear friend who I don't see very often and who truly embraces the notion of not needing to put in effort when we see each other.

The weather for becoming suddenly summer (please someone write a "Suddenly Seymour" parody about summer magically appearing) when it was supposed to still be a little rainy and now it's noooooot!!!

Being able to celebrate a good friend's birthday, even if it was at 9am on a Sunday (more due to the existence of children than COVID).

THIS WEEK'S DELIGHT: Waking up on mornings where I have actually gone to bed early enough to get enough sleep and wowwwwwwwwww it's so much better.

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