Do Not Forget That You're Hot

Like many Elder Millienials (yes, I reject the 'geriatric' ridiculousness), I was very late to the TikTok game, not understanding "the point" for a while.

Well, I'm here to tell you that SHOCKINGLY, thanks to TikTok, my self-esteem has never been higher.

First there was the "we're all 10s" trend, handily compiled for us here on youtube: 

Then there's this video, helping elevate my feelings about my tallness:

FINALLY, there's this affirming shower witch:
I have sent this video to most of my friends at this point and even written the quote on my whiteboard. And then, of course, I got all philosophical about what it means to always remember that I'm hot.
Here's what it means to me:

It means that I take care of myself. Not as a code for staying thin, but actually to just take care of myself. Hot people give themselves what they need when they need it.

... that I expect to be treated well by others.

... that I don't obsess over what someone else might be thinking of me.

... that I dress up when I want to dress up and don't when I don't and if I am having a low-effort day it doesn't reduce my hotness. (This reminds me of a line from a book I read when I was young about how the pretty girls can make weird faces with ease because their innate prettiness means that can make themselves temporarily ugly without fear and that resonated with me then as a self-perceived ugly duckling who was insecure about everything but could have a lot to say about embracing hotness.)

... that hotness is an attitude far more than anything physical and it is the attitude encapsulated by the all of the above.

Turns out that seeing people express completely over-the-top, uncomplicated, unnuanced self confidence is really inspiring. Let's all try it!!!

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