stop with the videos, please

Does anyone else get way too annoyed when they come across a blog post/article that looks like it will be really interesting, and then it turns out you have to listen to a podcast or watch a video to get the information?

Why the heck-face do people think these things are better?  They are so CLEARLY inferior.  First of all, if you're going to listen to a podcast or watch a video, you have to stop everything else you're doing, say goodbye to your friend multi-tasking, and throw it out the window.  SECONDLY, if you are, say, at work or anywhere else where there are other people (I'm looking at you coffee-shop-internet-people), then everyone else has to hear what you're doing.

Yeah yeah, a picture is worth a thousand words so a video is worth a bajillion.  I get it.  But it's NOT TRUE.  An online video is good for a finite number of things:

-Attempts at sketch comedy style filmmaking on the cheap
-Animals being adorable or attacking toddlers (in a funny way not a death-y way)
-Other humour
-Documenting the incredible (read: crazy amazing dance moves that will blow your head off its socket like the ballerina who went en pointe on a dudes head - CRAZY!)
-TV shows/movies/trailers
-SOMETIMES instruction but only if it's something that is 100% visual and can't be described in writing
-Personal crap that you're posting online to share with your aunt in Norway so she can pretend she's still a part of the family even though she moved to Norway to get away from you

That's it.

If you're discussing current events in a non-hilarious way, sharing tips on marketing/how to cook a roast, or doing anything that doesn't fall directly into one of the above categories, JUST WRITE IT DOWN FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!  (And yes, Pete was my Grandpa, so obviously this is very important to me).

If you write it down, then I can easily scan for the information I need without disrupting everything else I'm doing and everyone around me.  I can also easily come back to your stupid article for the information at a later date and I don't have to skim through an entire video or podcast to find what I'm looking for.  It just makes life easier for everyone, don't you think?

So stop being a baby and write with words.  Or if you're scared of words, draw pictures and infographics.  EVERYONE loves a good infographic.  Everyone.

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