Life in the 'burbs

Today I am watching The Rick Mercer report for the first time ever with my Dad.

In other news from the suburbs:

  1. Superstore has really cheap stuff!
  2. There are still gas stations where you can't pay at the pump and have to flip up that metal thingy to turn on the gas.
  3. Driving everywhere is a lot faster than bussing everywhere.
Things that are free in the suburbs:
  1. Parking in parking lots that are everywhere
  2. Newspapers delivered straight to your door
  3. Movies (okay, that's not quite true, but the movie theatre I worked at as a teenager now has TWONIE TUESDAYS - that's so cheap it's like they're giving us money to watch movies!)
  4. Food (if you're staying at your parents' house)
Also, did you know that the governor general is a man who rides a scooter?  Very cool!  Is it just me, or did no one care who the new GG was when Mikael Jean stepped down/was fired?  When she was sworn in it was all over the news, and then I sort of heard she was leaving and never heard anything about the new guy taking her place.  Turns out he scoots around with Rick Mercer all day and educates children on parliament and accessibility issues, whilst taking them for rides on his scooter.  This guy should be in the news way more.


  1. For a project I'm doing this year, I've had to watch a lot of Rick Mercer. And maybe it's because I'm prematurely old, but he's kind of delightful. I really admire his capacity (real or feigned) to display joy over, say, driving a tank or standing in a wind tunnel.

    Incidentally, I'd bet a hundred bucks that he'll be Governor General some day.

  2. He would probably be the raddest Governor General we've ever had. If it were possible, I would vote for him.