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Fun game: reduce each commercial you see down to its basic message.  Then it will be extra fun to see how many directly conflict with each other.  This was inspired by a commercial whose basic message was that being outdoors and living life is better than being online, and the next one whose message was to bring the internet with you EVERYWHERE YOU GO.  Funny, right?

So here we go with the great experiment!

Round 1

Commercial #1: Transformers/Burger King
It's important to be super badass and that includes junk food.

Commercial #2: Yoplait
You need to avoid any food you actually want to have value.

Commercial #3: Maco
Average people are desirable.

Commercial #4: Honey Nut Cheerios
Health goes hand-in-hand with clever irony.

Round 2

Commercial #1: Coke
A carefree summer starts with Coca Cola and weird cans.

Commercial #2: Excel
The only way you're acceptable enough to enter a vehicle with men

Commercial #3: Flexitol Heel Balm
Your feet are gross in their natural state.

Commercial #4: Blistoff
Your feet are gross in their natural state.

Commercial #5: Crest White Toothpaste
Your teeth are gross in their natural colour.

Commercial #6: Hellman's Mayo
Being in tune with nature will make you a better person.

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