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I promise I wasn't doing a self-conscious google search when I came across this puppy...  It is one of those Yahoo! Answers things that come up once and a while when you're searching for something random like songs with your name in the title.  Below is the question and various answers given (with usernames, because anonymity is for losers), edited down for the most hilarious.  I'm posting this without commentary so you can make up your own.  (For any random stumblers-by who don't know me in real life, I am just shy of 6' tall, so I am particularly drawn to this issue.)

QUESTION: How tall is too tall for a woman?

The Godfather
Depends on what you are looking for in your woman. If you wants a "fun size" girl, for doing "fun things" you want someone around 5'2, but if you want a girl that can play basketball with you, you want someone a little taller, like 5'9 or 10.

chez fez ;D
I'm 5'8 & I started seeing this girl that was 5'10...

and god was it odd.. when we had sex it was just... I felt like a midget humping a tree. But I liked her & I guess I saw past the oddness?

But yeah.. it all depends on how tall the guy is.. and the girl hes with??

I personally prefer shorter girls for sure.

Mr. Workin' Out
Any woman tall enough to straddle me on a chair, without her wearing heels, is a fine fine situation. If she's tall enough to straddle me on a barstool... well that might be a little too tall for me to handle.

Totally agree. I couldn't have a woman thats taller than me. 5'8 is a little stretch though. I think any woman over 5'11 is weird cause it's nice to have a tall girl sometimes.

Ok, you know what, go to Russia. The men and women there average between 5'8 and well past 6 feet. A nation of good looking, strong, healthy tall Russians is more ideal than an overweight, average looking, unhelthy bunch of short people, shorty.

i'm a miget wiht LOTS of experice i think over 2'5 is jsut a little odd. i'm sure most fo you will agree. thumbs up me if you do think this guy is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay shallow :P

im 5 ft 7 and i feel like a giant i think 5 ft 10 is huge my friend is that height and omg with heel ridiculous but height doesnt matter if you are into her overlook that and dont worry bout what other people say

I made love to a woman that was 7ft tall and I tell ya when her legs went up I felt like scoring three points instead of two.

well in modeling 5'7 girls are the shortest they would go... they mostly want 5'8 - 5'10 girls
so i think around 5'11 would be "too tall"

i think tall is beautiful ....but somewhere around 13785634678549 feet would be a bit weird don't u think ..

Metal of Rhein
Remember this cult old film: "Attack of the 50ft woman"? That, is too tall!

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