Miss Anderson, I Presume?

It turns out that Pamela Anderson may actually be an incredibly cool lady.  Either that or I'm ridiculously suggestible, which I've always known to be true and thus might be the real truth of this situation, because I pretty much got the idea that she's cool from this article.

Okay, Pammy Cons: perpetuates the objectification of women as an object for men voluntarily and intentionally, way too big boobs that look like they hurt all the time, acts dumb even though she seems to be smart, gets into some pretty harmful relationships that I probably shouldn't hold against her because it clearly points to some larger emotional issues, rides the wave of big hair/lips/boobs for her fame instead of talent of any kind, never covers her body EVER and sometimes wears really unflattering outfits.

Yes, I do realize that almost all of those cons can be summed up by the first item on the list.  They still deserved mentioning.

Pammy Pros: being that she is intentional about her self-objectification, there is at least an argument for empowerment there, is actually a very shrewd business woman, works hard, knows she doesn't have any talent and so became a very shrewd business woman instead, may be in a lot of bad relationships but has come from a very low place of abuse in her life and is trying to get better, has hair that is always shiny and maybe I'm just kind of jealous of it, is from the island and was discovered at BC Lions game which is kind of cool, seems to live a life of total beach-laden ease.

Okay, I'm pretty sure these cancel each other out.  What do you think?

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