happy birthday to ME!

Guess what I just got as a belated birthday gift from my Mom?

BAM!  So exciting!

What?  You have no idea why I would be excited about this?  Well, let me give you many many reasons:

  1. I am a Mennonite girl who is supremely lacking in the cooking department.
  2. Not that I am incapable of cooking, I mean, all cooking is is following a recipe until you know it well enough that you can make stuff from your head instead of the recipe, so a more accurate statement might be that I am disinclined towards cooking.
  3. Mennonite food is the best.
  4. One of the recipes is for Butter Soup.  I mean, come on.  AWESOME.
  5. The picture of aprons on the cover makes me happy.
  6. Seeing the word "Mennonite" on the cover of a book, intended in a positive light, makes me happy.
  7. There is so much delicious food in here!  Cheese Cauliflower Soup!  Rolled-p Kielke (Noodles)!  Tacos with mashed potato filling!  More variations of bread and buns than any cookbook realistically needs!  The easiest pie crust recipe in the world!  Doughnuts!
  8. Not to mention all the Menno standards that you can tell are authentic with their German names: Blaetter Torte!  Apfel Kuchen!  Borscht!  Bubbat!  Holupschi!  Kartoffelpuffer!  Kielke!  Paska!  Perishky!  Pfefffernuesse!  Platz!  Portelky!  Rollkuchen!Wareneki!  Zwieback!
  9. They specify the use of Rogers Golden Syrup when eating rollkuchen.  This is very important.  Recently I had my rollkuchen with syrup that was in a Rogers Golden Syrup bottle, but was regular, butter-flavoured syrup.  It was the most disappointing rollkuchen experience of my life.
  10. The authors of this cookbook started off with a blog that got really popular (as so many authors these days - hel-lo, why do you think I'm doing this?  Just kidding!) but they aren't capitalizing on their internet fame to get rich - all their profits are going straight to charity.  Because Mennonite girls are awesome.
So there you go.  Ten reasons why this is the best birthday gift ever.

Thanks, Mom!

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