Oh no! I ordered a cappuccino and they gave me a latte!

Here's a fun new game: reframing all those little things that bug you every day through the "first world problems" lens.  For example, here's some things that were bugging me this week:

My friend gave me a free pass to see as many shows in this big theatre festival as I want to and I don't think I have time to see all the ones I want to see!

My laptop charger is finicky and needs to be plugged in at a certain angle to work.

I just got offered more jobs than I can handle teaching yoga classes.

I'm supposed to go to an opening of a play tonight and I just don't really feel like dressing up.

I ate a meal just because I felt like it and now I have to clean up the mess from preparing it.

They're re-releasing The Lion King, one of my favourite Disney movies, but they're making it 3D so I'd have to wear those stupid glasses if I see it.

PS: The subject line is a shout out to my friend Laura, as that's what she says when people are complaining about first world problems.

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