Find a new target market

Does anyone else hate it when companies suddenly decide to market their product to women?  From beer to other stuff, eventually marketers of "male dominated" products realize that women spend money too and that they want some of that money.  Then they start marketing their product towards women.

How do they do that?  They turn it pink.  Or make it fruity.

I DO NOT WANT PINK FRUITY BEER!  I ALREADY LIKE BEER THAT IS BROWN OR REDDISH OR KIND OF A DARK YELLOW COLOUR!  I mean, sure, I bet the pink fruity beer is really good and I will probably have some once and a while, because seriously?  Fruity beer?  Delicious sounding, right?  But guess what I drink more often than that?  Actual, real, brown/reddish/kind of dark yellow beer!  I drink it all the time!  I love beer!  It's delicious and frothy and cools you off in the summer time in a very special way that no other drink can do.

You also get a very high volume of liquid when you order a beer vs. a martini or wine or girly drink, which is good for me because I tend to continuously consume whatever liquid in front of me until it is one at the same rate, regardless of alcohol content.  Beer helps me regulate.  Also, it's usually cheaper.

If you want to get more women to drink beer, how about you try making ads that don't make women into shrews and ho-bags?  How about a commercial with a cool and intelligent woman wearing her awesome sun dress and the cowboy boots she just bought in Portland and having a beer on the patio with her friends?  Or asking her boyfriend to toss her a cold one instead of texting him 30 times to "check up on him" when he's trying to have a "guy's night out"?  Or finishing off the pitcher?  Or suggesting the pitcher?  Or doing one of the many other things that a girl will do when she drinks beer instead of making the product pink and fruity and lower-in-calories and then dangling it in front of her like yarn in front of a cat.

I mean, sure, I'll take the yarn, but then give me some real beer after that, please and thank you.

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