Toilet Paper

One thing I have learned from living with roommates is that human beings use SO MUCH TOILET PAPER!

Let me preface this by saying that this is not a specific comment on any of the particular roommates I have had, but on every human being (apparently).

But seriously, when I have had my own bathroom all to myself, I feel like I don't use that much toilet paper. When I share, we sometimes go through an entire roll in one day! Is this normal? Is this possible? Seriously, I am looking for advice here. What is the normal toilet paper usage for the average human being?

Factors that may be influencing my perceptions:

-I am generally not home a whole lot, which obviously reduces the amount of TP I'll use at home
-It is quite possible that doubling the amount of people using a bathroom is simply doubling the amount of TP being used and that's what I'm noticing

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