I'm BACK, dear lady friends!

Yeah, I haven't written in a while and yada yada well I'm not going to apologize, mother uckahs, because I haven't been writing because I have a life!  So THERE!

Anyways, I'm sick today and went to work at 11:30 and left again at 3:30 so I guess I sort of have time to write now.  Even though my friends are coming over soon to make dinner for us*, apparently, even though all I want to do is lie on this couch and watch Reality Bites while my aching sicky-muscles do their achey thing.  Ah, life.

Today all I want to do is share the ice cream cake I ordered for my fellah for his birthday.  Who's the best girlfriend in the world?  I'm pretty sure that'd be me.  I was really nervous that the folks at Dairy Queen would misunderstand my directions and the cake would come with a picture and the caption "Arrow with the name 'Ben' pointing at muscle man."  Then, of course, it would have been fodder for Cake Wrecks.

I can't figure out why it's sideways - it's not sideways on my computer.  Blogger is an idiot.

*Us = my roommates and I.  We're all a bunch of friends and a big happy family, don'tcha know!  Even though the dude roommate talks all the freaking time, even when I'm lying on the couch sick and writing a blog post about my aching sicky-muscles.

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