Find love in a laundromat (a facebook laundromat)

Does anyone know where I can find a clip of the Gain fabric softener commercial that's set in a laundromat?  I really wanted to post it on here but I can't find it anywhere.  And by that I mean I can't find it on Youtube, because that's the only place to look for video stuff right?  Sort of like how facebook is the only place to find love?

The funny thing is that as I'm writing this the commercial just came on TV again.  Really!  It's taunting me now!

Anyways, I wanted to post it because I think it's really great (oh my WORD it's on AGAIN!  I've seen it 5 times in the last 15 minutes, I swear!) that such a mainstream company is making a statement to legitimize lesbian relationships.  I mean, clearly this is about two middle aged women who meet and find a special spark in a laundromat, right?

I love it!

(PS: It's on AGAIN! - yes, I type slowly when I'm watching TV at the same time as writing a post.)

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