Prime Minister #4: John Thompson

Hey, remember when I was doing that thing about prime ministers.  Yeah, I'm doing that again.  For today anyways.  I think I left off at number three before, which really goes to show my sense of strong commitment to the project.  Here we go with number FOUR: John Thompson, come on down!!!  And yeah, the format's just completely out the window from now on, deal with it.

Sir John Sparrow David Thompson trying really hard not to look like a pirate.
So this dude was PM from 1892-1894.  Fun facts:

  1. His full name is Sir John Sparrow David Thompson - first middle name Sparrow?  I do declare we've had a pirate for a PM!
  2. He's got the least internet name-recognition of them all.  On Wikipedia there are no less than FIFTEEN John Thompsons listed as political figures.  Not to mention some basketball player that apparently is more famous than the fourth Prime Minister of Canada.  Priorities, people?
  3. Apparently Hollywood-style romance was part of the bill for Prime Ministers back then - his wife's parents disapproved and when they were dating he wrote her letters in shorthand to hide from them.  Is this really the kind of man we want running our country?
  4. He played hard to get and first recommended John Abbott to be PM when people asked him to do it.
  5. He won the war on the seal hunt!  And by that I mean he won the right to hunt seals.
  6. Not a role model for health and wellness, Sir Sparrow was 225lbs and 5'7".  This would have likely gotten in the way of his pirating.  Also, it caused him to die after 2 years as PM.

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