Stating the obvious.

Internet advertisers: you are stupid.

When will you learn that anything you create that directly interferes with my ability to use and enjoy the website I've visited is not going to engender any goodwill towards your company?  When my whole screen starts to go dark and a window floats into view, guess what?  That's not cool animation or a classy way to introduce your product.  That's a POP-UP AD.  You know, those things everyone has blockers for now except that you've managed to sneak past the blocks with some kind of flash programming, and that does not make you clever, it just makes you more annoying.

Also, when it starts to snow on my screen or a giraffe's head pops up out of nowhere and I have to hunt around for the little "x" so I don't accidentally click you ad?  That is also unpleasant.

I can't imagine how any of this advertising works on anyone, except that since spam ads for pharmaceuticals work (seriously, are you going to be psychotropic drugs from a spam artist?  That sounds smart.), so I guess these are bound to work too.

Perhaps what I should really be doing instead of ranting to the advertisers who are stupid or hedging their bets, is appealing to the higher judgement of the populace that make these advertising ventures worthwhile.  Educational reform perhaps?  Brainwashing?  What might work?  Any suggestions?

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