My conception of time in relation to emotion is effed up.

You know how days can fly up and down on the graph of awesome until you get all confused as to what it was really like?  And whatever you're feeling at the moment somehow seems like the only important thing that happened that day and completely overshadows everything else.  For example, today I went from feeling kind of mellow to satisfied to happy to great to productive to annoyed to really annoyed to hopeless to hopeless yet persistent to idiotic to tearful to bored to frustrated and pretty angry to happy.  Since the last feeling in the list of feelings is happy, I look back and think "Yep, today was swell."  When really, when you look over the list I think the negative emotions technically outweigh the positive ones (yes, I am too lazy to actually count them).  And each phase of emotion feels like an entire experience, like a day in and of itself.  So after my good morning of mellow satisfaction and happy productivity, I really felt like I had lived much more than a day's worth of activities and feelings.  I was done.  Then all the bad stuff started cropping up and suddenly the day was the worst day ever and all the good stuff felt like it was a week ago.  But then it got happy again and THAT felt like a whole separate day once again that was completely unrelated to the bad stuff from before.  So I've had at least 3 or 4 days already and I am just thinking about going to bed.

Actually, yes.  I need to go to bed.

Okay, bye.

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