Kitten wars

I want a kitten.  I really really really really want a kitten.  Why can't I have a kitten?

This morning, I choose to torture myself by looking up photos of kittens.



I literally just died.

Okay, so my new goal in life is to get my landlord to let me have a kitten at all costs.  Here's the sitch: I had a kitten when I was looking for the place and he said I could have one.  The people who lived here before me also had one.  Then my kitten (rest his soul) got taken away by the coyotes and I learned a very important lesson about letting your cat outside, even if he is a ninja-devil-bright-eyes-in-the-sunshine-attackeralla cat before I actually moved in.  Then I figured that since I was originally allowed a cat it would be no problem for me to catsit for my friend, so I did and then kinda got in trouble from my landlord so when I asked him later if I could get another cat (I needed a grieving period before I could just go and get another cat - I'm not heartless) he said NO.  He actually said NO.

So long story short, I live in a totally shite basement suite that I quite dislike because I was searching for a place that would let me keep a pet, and now I'm not allowed to keep a pet.  I mean, seriously?

So the game is ON.  How am I going to convince him?  Any ideas?  I already had mice and tried to convince him that having a cat would help get rid of the mice, but he didn't go for it.  I don't know what else to do!  Subliminal messages?  Haunting?  Threats?  He is planning on spending four months of the winter away, maybe I could just get a cat while he's gone and then tell him that I've had it all along.  Hmmmm....

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