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Why is it so WEIRD to buy pens?  I mean for seriously, I have realized recently that I am actually fresh out of pens.  My purse, drawers, pen cups and jars, and random surfaces around the house are ALL completely devoid of pens.  The problem is that I feel like the only acceptable reasons to buy pens are for back-to-school or if you are buying supplies for your office.  Otherwise it's just kind of weird, like I'm so picky about my pens that I have to go buy specific ones and can't just use the free ones that always show up from charities and churches and hotels and that I steal from my office (which I would totally do but my office is always running out of pens!  It's some kind of conspiracy).  Maybe that's it, I need to go stay in a hotel for a little while and stock up on free pens.  Free hotel pens are the best and would totally justify the cost of staying at a hotel.  Seriously, they write way better than those fancy pens you buy in the store.  And by "fancy pens you buy in the store" you know I mean the Bic impersonator pens that you get from the creepy dollar store where everything is off-brand.

Fun fact: did you know that the Bic company was created by some dude whose last name was Bich and he wanted to name the company after himself but was convinced that would result in his products only being purchased by douchey teenage boys so they could throw them at girls because they don't know how to flirt?  True story.  I read it somewhere a really really really long time ago.

UPDATE: Crisis narrowly averted!  I was at a make up party tonight and totally stole a pen.  HA!  Or maybe I was supposed to take it because she gave us all pens in a secret ploy to make it easier for us to keep track of products and fill in purchase order forms... Nope, that makes me sound like a lot more of a sucker.  I totally stole it.

UPDATE 2.0:  The day after writing this I came across this on The Bloggess.  Does this mean that part of growing up means stopping stealing pens?  Another reason to avoid growing up I guess.

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