Prime Minister #3: John Abbott

I am feeling way too lazy to look up the format I used for the first two prime minister posts, so instead I'm just going to tell you some fun facts about John Abbott.

  1. There aren't very many fun facts about John Abbott. 
  2. When you google him, the fourth link actually goes to a site talking about him.  Apparently a college in Montreal (that is actually probably named after him) and a photographer are more important than the third prime minister of Canada!
  3. He was the great-grandfather of Christopher Plummer!  Now there's a guy who shows up first when you google his name.
  4. He was a reluctant PM - he actually wanted his successor (John Thompson) to be the leader, but everyone forced him to do it instead.  Bet they regretted that when he wound up being all corrupt, which is exactly what happens when you force someone into a job they don't want.  Even I could have told them that.  YEESH.
  5. His famous-est quote is "I hate politics."  Oh hardy-har, how ironic.  Was he the first hipster prime minister?
  6. Just below Prime Minister John Abbott's listing on Google is the Imdb page for an actor named John Abbott who was in the Audrey Hepburn classic Gigi.  Well done, John.  Well done.

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