The Vancouver Police can be awesome, who knew?

The other night I went to a Yelp party at the Vancouver Police Museum, and let me tell you, that place is cool.  If you're a creepo like me anyways.

You see, ever since childhood I have been fascinated by the whole "dark side" of humanity.  Not kidding, I would take true crime books about mothers killing their babies out of the library when I was 10 (and I brought it to school to read during silent reading.  Adam Carmichael was sitting next to me and thought it was sick.  It probably was.  I'm impressed/worried that my parents didn't try to stop me considering they didn't even let me watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  I like to think this is part of the reason why I love both acting and psychology so much.  There's nothing better than delving into what makes a person go all psycho killer-esque, either from a first person or detached scientist-researcher perspective.  So long as you stop delving at some point, right?

I like to think that I have a special connection with the Vancouver Police Museum because of this special connection I have with psycho killers, and that I'm the only one who really understands the Vancouver Police Museum.  Really, that's probably not true because theoretically a lot of other people go there too and it's been open for a long time and I'd never been there before so clearly it wasn't made just for me, but I REALLY liked it and especially found fascinating the real crime scene pictures and evidence and stuff.  Like, "here's the picture of a person lying in a pool of their own blood (don't worry, it's black and white so it's not too gross) and next to it is the axe that was used to kill them, notice how there is still a blonde hair stuck to the blade, this is the hair of the killer.  We are not even joking, it really is." - how could that NOT be awesome?

So, you know, check it out.  Or whatever.

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