First of all, brilliant marketing strategy.  Seriously.  Second of all, this one is my favourite.

There's much more where that came from on the Old Spice Youtube page.  These guys are seriously brilliant.  Oops, I already said that, except what I actually said was that they were "brilliant.  Seriously." so maybe that wasn't as redundant as I thought?  Anyways, I love how in this one he uses a nice long, run-on sentence of fertile imagination, as I tend to do in my writing.  Also, I love the idea of being fertile with him.  Except not actually the fertile part, I just want the activity associated with fertility minus the actual fertility.  Although if someone was going to convince me to carry and squeeze out their spawn, he could probably do it.  Let's be honest.  All he'd actually have to do is say my name, from a horse that is riding a motorcycle over a desert that's actually a tropical beach surrounded by hot tubs.

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