The power is out in my basement suite. AGAIN.

The power is not actually out.  A fuse has been busted or blown or whatever the technical term for that is.  Maybe a circuit got stomped?  Flustered?  Stumbled?  Anyways, some of the electricity in my house is working and some is not.  This happened once before, right at the beginning of a party I was having.  Luckily the only people who had arrived thus far were burly and helpful men who said practical things like "where is the nearest electrical panel thingama?" - but they even actually used the real name for it.  Of course, then it turned out that my landlord had done something to make the fuse/circuit blow/trip and then he did something to fix it a few minutes later and the party was restored.

This time I am alone in my crummy little hovel wonderfully affordable basement suite, and am unsure if my landlord realizes what he has done.  Since anything plugged into an outlet seems to be working whilst all the lights actually wired into the home are not, I can only assume this is a similar situation and has something to do with the fact that he is upstairs drilling things.  Since it is all summery and bright out, and he lives above ground, he may not be aware that the lighting potential in his home has been significantly reduced.  I, on the other hand, live like a burrowing animal/vampyre below ground and need as much light as I can get.

Sadly, I lack the technical prowess and matter-of-fact confidence to do something practical like go tell my landlord he has disabled the lights in my home.  Instead I will sit here in the orangey glow of the decorative lights left over from Christmas and stare directly into the glaring, neon light of my laptop until I go blind.

Well, now that I've informed you all of my plan, I guess I'd better go... and act on it.

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