Attack of the Giant Killer Bees - upcoming?

This morning when I was in the bathroom I heard a buzzing coming from the Evil Closet of Darkness.  I'm pretty sure the buzzing was the giant killer bees regrouping.  It sounded like there were a lot of them.  Meaning, it sounded like I might actually have some kind of nest inside my home.  I cannot say enough how much this scares me.  An actual HIVE of giant killer bees?  REALLY UNIVERSE?  WHY?????  I cannot for the life of me think of what I may have done to deserve this.

Just in case, let me try to make some amends and try to fix my karma:

Krista, sorry I read your diary when we were in elementary school and wrote about it on the board in my class.

Mark, sorry I was so mean to you when we were kids and kicked you in the head and splashed water on your face those two individual times.  Also, all the other times I was mean or hit or kicked you.

Mom and Dad, sorry I was the best child you could ever imagine having.  I know it made it harder for you to love your other children.  Also, sorry for being so indulgent in my pride just now.

OKAY UNIVERSE?????  Now no more bees.


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