Men and Vampires

Men and vampires - they are more similar than you might think, although there are some key differences that will help you tell them apart.  The main key difference is that vampires drink blood all the time and human men usually avoid drinking blood, or at least do it secretly and in private with a whole lot of shame involved.

Now for the similarities:

Similarity #1: Many vampires actually are men.

Like, biologically.  They have man parts.

Similarity #2: Like men, only one vampire is needed to continue the survival of their species.

This is the real thing that makes men and vampires pretty much the exact same thing.  This realization was born out of a combination of one of the many episodes of Buffy where Spike taunts her about the inefficacy of The Slayer on a global scale, and a super intellectual conversation I was having with some old high school friends.  The super intellectual conversation was about how societies tended to send young men out to battle as frivolously as I might send a manservant to buy cheese (if I had a manservant and a special bank account just for cheese that a secret cheese donor made sure was always brimming with cheese-purchasing cash) because young men were dispensable.  Not that they weren't valuable members of society, we all know that the ladyfolk have traditionally been much lower-rung in that regard.  No, men were dispensable because their nation could survive and carry on even if most of the men died.  Heck, even if there was just one left, he could go around inseminating all the ladyfolk and continuing the survival of the species.  Although, actually, a generation down the line that would mean half-siblings getting hitched and that's icky, so I guess they would need to hold onto a few men.  Anyways, all I'm saying is that less men = birthrate can still stay the same, whereas less ladies = probably lower birthrate.

Likewise, as Spike so sweetly pointed out to Buffy, all that vampires need to continue the survival of their species is for one to remain.  Just one to bite and turn all the fleshy humans into steely killing machines of awesomeness.  So, kill off all vampires except one or maybe two = vampires will never leave our society so you might as well get used to them.

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