Halloween is a BIG Decision

I'm having trouble deciding what I want to be for Halloween.  It's my favourite holiday of the year and I always feel the need to think of something awesome.  I prefer being a character from something I'm obsessed with or a slightly under-appreciated, obscure cultural source.  Or something kind of abstract.  Past favourite costumes have been Mother Nature and Wanda (as in Where's Wanda, as in the girl in Where's Waldo, as in Waldo's girlfriend*).  I also need to think of what Buffy-related costume I'm going to wear for the Buffy Musical Sing-Along, but at least I've got the field narrowed down with that one.

So far my ideas are:

Also, maybe a tornado?  My friend made it sound pretty cute.

And that's all I've got.  I would love something that would make good use of my long curly hair, but the only ideas I can come up with are lame things like a gypsy or eighties girl.  Sorry, but the eighties have been done to DEATH.  I'm NOT going there again.  It's amazing how significant this decision becomes every year.  I just never know what to do about it and I feel like my entire reputation and possibility for happiness rests upon this decision. 

*Funny story: when I was dressed as Wanda I had a fellah in my life, but knew the relationship was going downhill and had not yet had the guts to bring it to an end yet (that came about a month later).  As I was out and about with some friends (not including the fellah), I suddenly heard someone cry out "Are you WALDO?"  I turned, and was face to face with... Waldo.  I clarified, that no, I was Wanda, Waldo's girlfriend.  My friends insisted that the crowd (including Waldo) come with us to the party we were heading to.  It was like a Hollywood moment, except that I had a boyfriend.

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