My parents are trying to ruin my vegetarianism

Recently I became a sort-of vegetarian.  Or, as I called it when I "officially" announced it (read: posted it as my facebook status so that people would know not to cook me meat if I come over to their houses), a quasi-vegetarian.  What I really am is a humane eater or ethical-tarian or whatever other douchey sounding name you want to put on it.  Basically, I got tricked into reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer and realized that as a human being with a conscience, I could not justify eating animals that had been cultivated in such ridiculously inhumane ways.  I mean really, it's terrible for the animals, the environment, the workers, and for the people eating them.  I won't go into all the details now, read the book if you don't believe me.  Just beware that you will experience a LOT of cognitive dissonance if you are a meat-eater and have a conscience.  Seriously.  A lot.

So now, for all intensive purposes, I am a vegetarian.  I'll eat meat if the animals were happy and healthy, the workers were treated fairly, and the farm is ecologically friendly, which basically means that I don't eat meat ever.  Except that my parents have tracked down a shop in Abbotsford that they claim is all Andrea-friendly meat.  And every time I go out for a visit they load me up with meat from this shop.  I end up cooking and eating this meat because I feel guilty that my parents went to all this extra effort for me to get it and I don't want it to be wasted.

This all adds up to mean that now that I'm a "vegetarian" I cook and eat more meat at home than I ever did in the past.  It's weird and confusing.  It forces me to experience a whole separate realm of cognitive dissonance.

Also, it appears that after kaiboshing my intake of meat (at least for a little while before my parents discovered their happy meat palace), I don't really like the taste of it as much.  Especially the darker meats.  Yuck.  Unfortunately, this adds just one more layer to my fun with cognitive dissonance.

Oh, world!  What do you want from me?

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