Ladies: Get Your Boobs Measured!

Last week I went for the first time in my life to be properly fitted for a quality bra.  It has, no lie, changed my life.  And by changed my life I mean that my boobs look better and are more comfortable, which, you know, could be considered life-changing, depending how important you think boobs are to life.  Probably pretty important.

Seriously though, friends told me for years that I should do it and I always thought "yeah, sure, maybe someday when I feel like spending way too much on underwear."  Don't be fooled friends, this is not just underwear.  This is unmentionables.  This is lingerie.  This is brassieres.  That means it is classy, sexy stuff.  Even the practical beige one I got.  It makes me feel classy and sexy and it's beige - the least sexy colour in the history of life.  It is so worth it I can't even explain.

Also, it's not even that expensive.  I spent $110 on three bras - pretty similar in price to the crappy ones you buy at The Bay.

The place to get it done is Change if you have one near you.  If you're in Vancouver head down to the Cambie and 7th location - the ladies there are amazing.  Especially the cute redhead who fitted me (didn't catch a name).  She makes it feel totally natural to stand in front of a stranger in a bra.

Their sizes are European, which means they are smaller, which means that if you are a small-busted lady and always resented your A-cup, your boobs are going to feel HUGE.

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