Veggies: the saddest and most bulimic fruit around

The other day I was packing my lunch for a 14 hour day at work/rehearsal. In this lunch I made a conscious choice to include vegetables because, dang it, once and a while I remember that health is important, and that dying of gout (or whatever people who don't eat their veggies get, is not as romantic as it sounds. It just so happened that the boyfriend was present while I was doing this, and that I am extremely lucky to be dating someone who doesn't make me feel guilty about my normal and abysmal eating habits. This is evidenced in the fact that instead of encouraging me to eat the veggies, he pointed out, with the truth firmly on his side, that veggies are lame. His exact words in fact, were: "vegetables are just fruit on a diet."

I would like to amend that statement to say that veggies are just fruit on a diet that really isn't working very well.

And that was the entire point of this post.

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