Eco Tips and Anger

I had to take Blisstree off my google reader because they just updated too dang much and it was bogging me down.  This always makes me kind of sad when I have to filter out quality content due to quantity overload.  Now I just try to check back on the site whenever I remember, which is of course, almost never. I did come across this interesting tidbit though: the top 20 things we throw in the garbage and some tips on how to avoid them.

1. Water bottles. Avoid the risk of water bottles ending up in the trash by buying reusable ones.

This one actually drives me bonkers - there is really absolutely no need for one-time use water bottles. Okay, the one exception is when you're out and about for a day and forgot one of your many reusable bottles at home and you're really thirsty and the coffee shop people are jerks and won't just give you a cup of water. Other than that - use a freaking reusable bottle already you lazyface!

2. Tissue boxes. Instead of buying a whole new box every time you run out, save the box and just buy tissue refills. Or do it up old-school and use a handkerchief. Just launder often, please.

3. Paper napkins. Cloth napkins don’t create waste. Plus, they’re prettier.

I am actually super stoked on the idea of cloth napkins. I want to make some pretty ones so I can be all classy when I have dinner parties. Which, you know, I will do at some point in my life. If I have any happiness at all, anyways.

4. Paper towels. Kitchen towels are just as absorbent as their more wasteful relatives. And don’t worry — washing cloth towels every so often is much more eco-friendly than tossing paper ones in the trash.

5. Razor blades. Just sharpen your blades rather than throwing the blade (or the entire razor) away.

6. Counter wipes. Toxic wipes in a plastic container don’t stand a chance against the tried-and-true sponge.

I know, I know, sponges are full of bacteria, yada yada. Argument a) we've been using sponges and washcloths since they were invented and the death rate has not dropped since counter wipes became famous. Argument b) just freaking well clean it regularly and don't leave it festering in a pile of gross in the sink.

7. Paper coffee cups. Bring your own mug or travel cup to the coffee shop from now on.

8. Cotton balls. Save money and Ma Nature — use a washcloth.

9. Plastic utensils. Keep a set of real silverware at work for all your culinary needs.

10. Paper plates. Just suck it up and wash real plates after that dinner party.

11. Plastic shopping bags. You know the answer to this one: Reusable shopping bags. Liberal slogan optional.

I'm talking to you, roomie who never bothers to take the cloth bags with you even though there are 10 of them right beside the door. JUST TAKE THE FREAKING CLOTH BAGS!!!!

12. Dryer sheets. Never buy Bounce again — make your own reusable dryer sheet.

13. Printer cartridges. Just get them refilled at Walgreens or CVS.

14. Coffee filters. Think of all the coffee filters you toss in the trash every year. Buy a reusable one, or at least biodegradable filters.

15. Ziploc bags. You know that twinge of guilt you feel every time you use a Ziploc? Fix that by reusing large, clean yogurt containers to store leftovers.

16. Swiffer pads. We bet the floor will be cleaner after you use an old-fashioned mop and bucket.

The folks at swiffer are way too good at their marketing campaign. Them and Febreeze. It's creepy.

17. Baby wipes. Bite the bullet and use washcloths. We feel your pain.

18. Paper lunch bags. This one’s a no-brainer: Use a reusable sack to store your lunch.

19. Plastic soap dispensers. A refillable soap dispenser will make your bathroom much fancier (and greener).

20. Disposable contacts. Take the plunge and invest in a non-disposable pair. They can last an entire year.

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