Worst post ever.

I just wrote a whole post about trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast and how I spend 10 minutes every morning walking back and forth between my fridge and cupboard trying to materialize food like they do in Star Trek and cursing myself for not grocery shopping more often.  Then I realized that it was really boring and EXACTLY the kind of thing people make fun of blogs and social media for: people writing about what they eat.

So now I can only hang my head in shame that I embody the stereotypical criticism of social media and am making us all look bad.  QUICK!  Someone give me something actually hilarious to write about...

Okay, I'm sitting in a coffee shop and there is literally nothing interesting happening here.  At all.  An employee just came in the door and walked behind the counter to report for his shift.  Or at least that's what I can assume he's doing since he greeted the counter folks like he knew them and then walked back there like he was supposed to and they didn't look like they thought it was weird at all, and if he wasn't an employee chances are pretty good that they would have at least shot a glare in his direction or something.

So there's that.

I'm at the Blenz in Yaletown so it's just a bunch of business people coming in here and being all efficient with their orders and then leaving.  Oh, and a girl in a matching designer track suit and fancy handbag.  I didn't know people made matching designer track suits anymore.  Or at least not ones that don't say "JUICY" on the bum, and hers didn't.  Maybe she's an uber hipster and instead of ironically wearing clothes that are kind of unflattering, she is being so ironic that she is dressing like a yuppie from 5 years ago?  That would be like the ultimate statement of irony, right?

That's got to be it.

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