In further news - JESUS BURNED DOWN!!!

Oh my WORD.  Jesus burned down.



A bolt of lightning came down from heaven and Jesus burned down.  I'm not going to post the picture of him burning because that would be blasphemous.  For the record I would like to say that this is probably not the result of God getting back at Jesus for some fight they had in heaven, and probably actually the result of God being sick of people making his One and Only Son look so freaking tacky all the time.  I mean, come on.  This statue was nicknamed "Touchdown Jesus" for pete's sake.  If someone did that to my son I would burn it down too.  Except since I'm not God I wouldn't be able to be all cool with the lightning, but instead would be forced to be all sneaky with a black ninja outfit, douse it in gasoline, accidentally spill a bunch on myself, and then be too afraid to light it on fire lest I set myself on fire too.  Then I would go back home and my car would reek of gasoline for months as a cruel reminder of the fact that I am not God.  I GET IT, OKAY???

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